We make web & mobile applications. And websites.

Some projects:

Zoom-Studios prezinta Cicloteque Manafu Vodafone BusinessWeek Romania Modu ESD-Rom AdCaptcher Strategic VDC Microjobs


We truly believe that Less is more. That's why we want to keep the team small and flexible :: we focus on simplicity and results.


  • Visual design
  • User interface
  • Information architecture


  • Web & mobile development
  • Facebook & Twitter Connect. Apps.
  • B2B communication platforms


  • Social media
  • Online brand development
  • Search engine marketing

Good to go

  • Social media news releases
  • Wordpress custom themes
  • Online advertising services

About us

We are a small highly skilled digital studio. We've been in the business since 2006, we've been playing online since 2000.

Razvan Tirboaca

Razvan Tirboaca

Hi, I'm Razvan, the creative part of Zoom-Studios. I love to create online services for the global market.

I am a family guy, proud father and internet entrepreneur.

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Razvan Iacob

Razvan Iacob

Hi, I'm Jacob, the tehnical part of Zoom-Studios. I make things work.

Family guy, proud husband and internet entrepreneur.

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Interested in working with us? Email us, call us or use the form below, we'll be in touch in 48 hours.

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